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Centless Travel

It should be no surprise to majority of the world that the ability to travel is quite the luxury. The cost of living is at an all-time high with the value of a single dollar bill heading for a decline. Basic essentials are becoming less affordable and luxury items are no longer an option for Americans living on an average income. To travel or not to travel is the ultimatum, but where is the extra spending cash going to come from? The answer is save, plan, and budget!

Are you a travel enthusiast that loves to take spontaneous road trips? Do you like being a tourist in your own back yard, but also like to get a BANG for your buck? Well it seems to me like we have something in common. Welcome to my blog page where travel and budget work hand in hand. I will help guide you through your senseless aka cents less travel needs while sharing my own personal experiences. Join me as I share my penny-pinching travel tips!

The first stop on your travel saving journey is to check on my latest articles

Share your travels hacks and experiences with me and get featured on my site! I would love to hear what tips you have picked up along the way and which ones gave you the best memories. Let’s Get Connected!

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