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It would be amazing to have the able to travel anywhere in the world and not have to worry about all things financial. This has to be one of the # 1 reasons that deters people from travelling. As surprising as it may be, taking a trip with little to no money is possible! Obviously, there are some things that should be non-negotiable expenses like travel insurance and pre-travel medical examinations for preventative care when traveling abroad. 

In this post I will provide ways in which you can travel as cheap as possible while taking advantage of opportunities that will reduce your costs or eliminate them entirely. The main goal is to learn how to travel on a budget without feeling the pinch. Think of traveling with modified spending as a lifestyle. You must be fully committed and have a plan in place. There are several resources out there that will keep your travel plans in order.

Shaving Down Expenses for Accommodations


If you want to save extra money on flights here is an app that will allow you to keep your travel costs down by redirecting your flight plans to get off at a layover instead of your end destination. The app will show you the comparison between your original flight and cheaper flights that has listed your destination as a layover. I think this it a great tool to use especially when you are traveling light.


The lifesaving app for all my road tripping friends is GasBuddy. This is a necessity for all of my readers who enjoy the great open road. GasBuddy is essential an app that will map out the cheapest gas in the area of your choice. The bonus side to using this app is that it will reward you with points when you report updated gas prices. These points makes you eligible for prizes such as free gas!

Shaving Down Expenses for Accommodations


If you ever want to experience the destination of your travels it is best done by spending your time with the locals that live there. Couchsurfing gives you the ability to stay with locals at little to no cost. I personally would only couch surf with friends and family that live in the city I am travelling. So in other words readers just stay safe and do your research!

Travel with Your Squad

I think this is a great way to penny pinch and get more out of your stay. The more people you travel with the less money you spend if you split costs for your accommodations. My friends and I shared a presidential suite in Vegas for a week and only spent $400 total for our length of stay. Be on the lookout for my next article and I will give you the breakdown and inside scoop on how we slashed our expenses in half!

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